Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage origintes from India. It's theoretical foundations include the concept of invisible energy lines or 'The Ten Sen'.

These lines run through our bodies signifying the flow of our natural 'life-force'.

This Yoga philosophy states that life energy or 'Prana' is absorbed with the air we breath and with the food we eat. Flowing along a network of energy lines or 'Prana Nadis', the human being is supplied with this vital energy.

Disturbances in our flow of energy can result in an insufficient supply of Prana which cause sickness, pain, aches and disease.

I use the hand, feet and elbows to apply the pressure to points alongside energy lines in combination with gentle stretching and applied Hatha yoga. This can unblock the blockages, stimulate the free flow of Prana and help restore your general well-being.