LaStone® Therapy

LaStone® therapists work using heated volcanic basalt and cooled marble stones, to deliver a deeply therapeutic, relaxing, deep tissue, cleansing treatment that balances the body and mind.

Many people describe the LaStone® treatment as being very nurturing and extremely relaxing. The hot stones are likened to lots of little hot water bottles being ‘tucked in’ and left to send you off to sleep, the cold stones deal with areas of chronic and acute pain, nestling into areas of tension with their cooling and soothing smooth surfaces.

At first it can feel a little strange but as soon as the stones melt the muscles, the feeling is one of deep relaxation, grounding and feeling centered. This combined with deep tissue manipulation makes it less painful than normal massage therapy - as the muscles have been thoroughly warmed up first.

LaStone® Therapy™ works effectively on the whole body as a prescriptive treatment.
Highly suitable for those looking to alleviate a variety of conditions, it is great for stress release, relaxation, balancing the holistic body, injury and those who require work on specific areas of detoxification, deep body cleansing and acute pain relief.