Japanese Cosmo Facial Lift

Sorensensistem™ Japanese Cosmo Facial Lift massage is non-invasive, non-surgical face-lifting beauty treatment developed by the internationally famous reflexologist Lone Sorensen.

This amazing treatment is a combination of different methods of facial reflexology with Japanese face sculpting technique which is very popular among Japanese celebrities.

This amazing treatment is a construction of method from the Oriental medicine using reflex points on the face related to the meridians, reflex zones on the face from South America, Vietnamese method of reflex points and reflex areas on the face combined with Japanese face sculpting technique to stimulate the lymphatic system and work the muscle tone and underlying tissue to help fight the effect of gravity.

It is also affects the bod and face from inside of the body. It is like a deep tissue massage on a face. Remember a face is a part of the body.

The treatment uses rose hip exfoliating powder to start with to detoxify and deeply clean the skin to prepare for facial muscle toning work with aromatic rose hip oil and rosehip ash mask is used to lift and tighten the face.

Natural crystal balls are used lightly for massage to cool the face. The client see the amazing face lifting effects. If you have a sensitive skin and allergic to rose hip , any masks, I will use other oils.

These will be aimed to stimulate and treat skin conditions such as dry, oily, combination skin issues, as well as skin problems such as a lack of muscle tone, collagen deficiency, sagging skin, spots, rosacea, sun damage