Acupressure Massage

The ancient therapy known as acupressure has evolved from the same roots as the Oriental arts of Shiatsu and Acupuncture.

Acupressure uses finger pressure on the acupuncture points to manipulate the Energy imbalances.

How acupressure works:

The treatment system known as acupressure involves working on a recipient’s Qi by pressing the fingers and thumbs on specific points that are located along Meridians of Qi.

These pressure points are the places where the Channels come near the body’s surface, making it possible to influence the Qi there.

By manipulating the points you can either strengthen, disperse or calm the Qi, helping it to flow smoothly in the body and to bring a harmonious relationship between body and mind, relieving any symptoms.

Knowledge of pressure points has arisen from thousands of years of medical practices in China and Japan. The health of the organs depends on the smooth flow of Qi in the Channels and this can be regulated by acupressure.